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PPR Pipe, PPR Pipe Fitting/ ppr water pipe plastic tube


PPR pipe is the most commonly used home improvement material in our home improvement. It is mainly used for indoor hot and cold water pipes, but also can be used for floor heating and high temperature radiator. It is very important to purchase PPR pipe. to share for everyone is the advantages and disadvantages of PPR management and how to purchase PPR management.

The advantages and disadvantages of PPR pipe


1. Light weight

The PPR tube has a density of 0.90 g/cm3 at 20°C, a weight of only one-ninth of a steel tube, and one-tenth of a weight of a red copper tube. The weight of the product is light, and the construction strength is greatly reduced.

2. Corrosion resistance

The PPR tube does not have a chemical effect on all the ions in the water and the chemicals in the building. It will not rust and will not corrode.

3. Low thermal conductivity

PPR pipes have high thermal insulation properties and do not generally require additional insulation when used in hot water systems.

4. The pipeline is firmly connected

The material has good thermal melting properties. The hot melt connection connects the pipes and fittings of the same material into a perfect whole, avoids the phenomenon of water leakage, and does not cause pollution to the environment during the process of production, construction and use, and belongs to the green. Building materials.


1. Poor pressure resistance

PPR pipes have lower pressure resistance than metal pipes. When the same pressure is encountered, metal pipes will show greater toughness, and PPR pipes may be damaged, resulting in the inability to Normal use, so when purchasing PPR pipe, pay special attention to whether the pressure capacity meets the national standards, otherwise it is recommended not to buy.

2. Heat resistance is weak

The second disadvantage of PPR pipe is its poor heat resistance. Generally, the long-term working temperature of PPR pipe cannot exceed 70 degrees Celsius, otherwise it will reduce the service life of PPR pipe.

How to buy PPR tube


Check whether the texture is delicate and uniform. At present, there are several white, gray and green colors in the PPR tube on the market. Usually the recycled plastic cannot be white, so some people think that the white color is the best. In fact, this is not the case. With the improvement of technology, color is no longer a good standard for distinguishing PPRs.

2. Smell

The main material of the PPR pipe is polypropylene. Good pipe is odorless. Poor quality will give off strange smell. This pipe is likely to be blended with polyethylene or non-polypropylene. It is not recommended.

3. Pinch

The PPR tube is quite rigid. If it can be easily pinched, it is certainly not an authentic PPR tube.

4. Burn

Igniting and burning, if the PPR tube mixed with recycled plastics and other impurities will emit unsightly black smoke, with a pungent odor, and the good material will not only emit black smoke but no odor after burning. After burning, it will melt. The liquid is still very clean.

summary: The above is the advantages and disadvantages of the PPR tube shared for everyone and how to purchase PPR tube, I believe we share the above PPR tube has a different understanding of it, in the home improvement process can not be ignored These accessories, otherwise it will also bring hidden dangers for us after use, if you want to know more relevant information, please continue to pay attention to this site.

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